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Buy assorted sling bags online. We offer a wide range of products including: genuine leather bags, cross body slings bags, backpacks, computer bags, shoulder bags and more.  We offer various kinds of  newest products and latest designs for your selection. Buy genuine leather bags, cross body slings bags, backpacks, computer bags, shoulder bags at This is one of the popular online stores that with with great discount & wholesale price in Singapore. Join the sling bag fever now!
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The Sling Bag Trend A sling bag is a type of carrying bag that uses one over the shoulder strap to secure itself on your body. It is similar to a messenger bag, except that it is usually smaller in size. Slings bags are great for carrying a small assortment of gear anywhere and everywhere. They are more convenient than a backpack, lighter than a messenger bag, and more secure than many handheld bags. These bags are easy to grab as you head out the door and usually large enough to carry the sort of gear you might need throughout your day. Trains, planes, bikes, on foot, or cars are all suitable places to wear a sling bag without causing yourself unnecessary burdening. SLING BAGS: A UNISEX TREND One of the best parts of the rising sling bag trend is that it is happening for both men and women. How can the same bag appeal to people of both genders? In the same way that backpacks have been used by both men and women for decades, sling bags fit a practical need in many unique ways without being overtly masculine or feminine. This is the kind of bag that won’t end up looking like a purse when a man wears it, something some messenger bags are accused of, nor will it look like a “man bag” when a woman wears it. You can find custom sling bags to match your style or your personal needs. Women might be more interested in bags with a designer look and feel. Some brands offer leather bags with purse-like qualities, others offer stylized designs with patterns and exotic fabrics, while still others sell more practical and “tactical” designs made from sturdy material and featuring many pockets. Even professionals can be seen wearing sling bags. Anyone can get a specialty sling bag that will be fit for carrying the kind of gear they need for work. Whether you’re a photographer, an accountant, a bike messenger, or anyone else who needs to move with certain items for work, you’re certain to find a sling bag that can accommodate your professional needs. TYPES OF SLING BAGS There are a large variety of sling bags on the market today. The basic types include practical bags, designer bags, one- shoulder backpacks, and tactical bags. Practical bags are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. They will generally have one large pouch of any size and shape with two or three pockets at most. These bags will be lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable, although you might have to sacrifice on the style of the bag. Designer bags go all out to look great. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll feel good about carrying a designer sling bag around since it can really up your fashion game. You won’t be guaranteed a simple product or an easy to use bag, but it will certainly look incredible. One-shoulder backpacks are designed very similarly to a regular backpack, expect that they disperse the weight differently to make up for the use of one should strap rather than two. Zip pockets, varying pouch sizes, and ease of use can be expected. A tactical sling bag is exactly what it sounds like. These bags have it all and are designed specifically to hold everything you might need. You’ll find these great for use with you have expensive or heavy gear to carry around like photography gear, medical gear, military gear, or otherwise. There will be a lot of pockets on these bags and the material will be strong against a wide range of environments, but the design might not be attractive and the bag might be a bit heavy when in full use.
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